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Duck Lake Books is a nonprofit corporation established to preserve fine literary arts through the publication and promotion of worthy poets and writers.


Do not take the preferences listed here as a prescription for what to write or how to write. We are open to all poets and writers who have worked hard to hone their craft. It may not fit our “preferences” but if it is good, we might use it.

Poetry                              CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT POETRY COLLECTIONS

We like the formal and the informal: classical, metaphysical, romantic, image driven, protest or beat).  Poetry must be more than prose broken into lines. Whether narrative or lyric, vivid imagery is vital, but without a clear poetic voice it will fall flat. Although we print poetry, we must be aware that poetry is a verbal art. When we read poetry, we must get the sense that the poem is speaking to us and weaving the tapestry of language into an artistic experience. The sound of the words must carry the weight of the meaning. Give your poems a voice.


A short story must give the sense of completion: a beginning, middle and end. Well developed characters and clear plot lines are essential, but like poetry, it is a literary art, and it is the language that creates the art. A clear narrative voice that creates artistry through the sound of language, as well as the meaning of words, will assure the best story.

Themes We Like

We have no preference for themes, so this list is not all inclusive. We like literature about nature and the natural world, spirituality, humanism, history, family life, peace (world peace, inner peace), politics with a global perspective, religion that doesn’t preach intolerance (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Shinto, Tao, Zen...), daily life experience, literature influenced by other arts (painting, dance, music, sculpture…), coming of age, multicultural (European, African-American, Latin, Asian, middle eastern, Indian, Polynesian, indigenous peoples of the earth, Native American, LBGT). In short, we like literature that expresses who you are as a human being—that even includes you, cowboy.

What We Will Not Tolerate

We do not want psycho-babble. We do not want works that are racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic. We do not want to promote hatred or violence. Come as you are, but leave your guns at home.

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